Friday, 30 August 2019


French oak flooring is oak originating from France. This extremely sought after wood flooring kind is popular mainly due to the desirability that it owes to its standing. That is the main reason, because it's either actually better or quite distinctive from its equivalents originating in the US or Russia.

Oak trees are widely known because of their slow development, height and strength, regardless of which portion of the world they grow inside. They usually reach peaks exceeding 20 meters along with the pine tree has long been used as a sign of power and strength. There is a broad selection of different oak wood species growing worldwide, but oak may vary in terms of colour from pale colours, bordering on white, to dark browns.

Finish options

In the case of French oak floors, you may also select from one of finished and unfinished alternatives. At this point, it is worth discussing a few factors which impact the qualities of oak flooring, regardless of the country the tree has grown in. Then, there is also a question of how carefully the trees have been selected for their wood. To put it briefly, oak is the exact same all around the world. So, why French oak is so desired?

Oak origin

A lot of individuals, including specialists, try hard to point out differences between the goods of any of important western European manufacturers of oak flooring. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that other countries all around the world are not able to produce top-quality bamboo floors. Such countries as Russia, China, the US as well as the Far East are some of less popular bamboo manufacturers, but the grade of flooring generated by these isn't lower than that arising from the above-mentioned European countries.