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Wooden flooring provides an attractive all-natural base for your home's aesthetic and should last a life, but it can be challenging to know where to start in regards to picking hardwood flooring. Since you will be residing with your choice for many years, it's simple to be a bit overwhelmed by all the choices that are available to you.

At Chaunceys, our experts will be happy to talk you through your project and direct you in the ideal path, but feel free to read the guidelines below which give an overview of the questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to choosing wood flooring.

With so many fantastic options available, what do you need to consider when selecting a wooden floor?


The desired look of the flooring is normally the first step you will consider, and with all these possibilities -- all of them beautiful in their own way -- it is a tricky decision to make.

Do you need a traditional or contemporary look? Are you leaning towards a light or dark floor? Is it sleek and understated, or distinctive and full of personality?


Dark flooring will offer you a sense of luxury and cosiness, and mild flooring can give a feeling of space. Or you may opt for more organic mid-tones that are welcoming and warm.

You can pick from a broad colour palette with wooden flooring. Have a peek at the Chaunceys color guide to get some inspiration.


Consider the sheen level you envisage to your own project. We supply a range of finishes from Ultra Matt to Gloss in the two oils and lacquers.


As they are natural products, every wooden floor has its own individual personality and beauty. The knots, splits, and colour variation in each plank will be unique to each board, and you'll be able to choose to have less and more of those features depending on the grade of timber you choose. We've developed our very own grading guide to help you pick the look you are after.


Chaunceys offer a massive array of board sizes to fit your needs. To remain on-trend, elect for extra-wide single-width floorboards. These are especially ideal for larger rooms. We suggest Taking a Look at our Extra Long Engineered Planks.

A more traditional look can be accomplished with the boards laid with 4 or 3 varying widths.

Utilizing our Fixed Length boards provides a timeless look of traditional hardwood floors, whereas mixing lengths can create a more distinctive contemporary feel.


The border of your floorboards may either be square, which provides a sleek modern look or can have a slight bevel to them. Micro bevels give a more traditional feel and may also hide the small potential height differences between the planks.


Parquet floors is another excellent choice to think about. Chaunceys provide a range of beautiful Herringbone, Chevron, and Versailles panels. These geometric patterns make an impressive statement in entrance rooms and hallways.


Are you currently planning to match your preferred hardwood floors in a room where there will be a lot of footfall? If this is so, we advise you go for a hard-wearing wood like Oak, or a finish that can withstand the elevated levels of traffic. It's also better to prevent lighter floor tones in these regions as they'll show more marks and dirt.

Which rooms will you be placing the flooring in? We urge engineered boards for kitchens and bathrooms since these will provide more stability for rooms more vulnerable to humidity and spillages.


When picking wooden flooring, it's important to take into account the surface you will be fitting your new floor over. Can it be put over new or old screed, wooden batons, or on top of an existing wooden floor? Do you, or will you have underfloor heating? These factors may affect your options and concerning flooring choice and how it can be fitted.

You might also have to take into account the thickness of the boards if the flooring needs to be structural i.e. load posture. 20mm thickness boards are needed if you're crossing joists, for example.

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Guide to Choosing Your Flooring: Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Is Strong Reclaimed Hardwood or Engineered Hardwood Flooring Better for You?

Your home or business is the special place where you spend a lot of time and invest many of your own resources. Most of us hope to accomplish a beautiful, comfortable space, and installing hardwood flooring provides an opportunity to make your room inviting and warm.

Reclaimed solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring are great options that will assist you to get the look you want, and they are durable kinds of flooring. While both options are made from real wood, there are differences in the building and installation processes that you'll want to consider.

Let Us Guide You Through the Woods

Making the decision between solid hardwood and engineered timber might appear daunting, but it doesn't need to be. At Floor Sanding Sussex, directing customers through the woods was our passion since 1977.

We've composed this online guide to help you understand the nuances involved in each flooring type so you'll have the information to make the right choice for you. After reading this guide, you need to be armed with sufficient information to make a decision as to what sort of wood flooring is best for you, and our knowledgeable staff is available to help make your vision a reality.

Hardwood vs. Engineered Wood: Questions to Ask Yourself

When choosing engineered wood flooring over reclaimed hardwood floors or vice versa, you must take several factors into consideration, including:

  • What type of subfloor you have
  • Whether You Wish to be able to refinish your floor
  • What your budget is
  • What type of wood you would like
  • Your decision will probably be just as personal and unique as your area.

The minute you decide you want new flooring, you will likely consider just how much money it can cost. That should not dissuade you, however. Wood flooring comes in affordable rates and with considerable advantages. Wood floors are investments of a lifetime. They create a much healthier atmosphere that makes your home a desirable place to return to at the end of each day. And don't forget aesthetics.

The Advantages of Selecting Hardwood Flooring

No matter what type of wood floor you choose, you will probably be quite happy with the decision to install it on your space. You get fiscal, health, environmental and aesthetic benefits from choosing wood flooring. We are going to explore those details in this manual, and what is involved in the procedure for installing hardwood flooring.

Offering the highest-quality wood flooring is our goal. To ensure this, we've worked together with our partners over the years who are both knowledgeable and dedicated to providing exceptional products. These relationships enable us to expand the list of options we provide and stock a variety of flooring that is the most significant choice.

Installing hardwood flooring is a way to customize your home according to the needs and style preferences of you and your family. Whether you need the flexibility of using engineered wood on reduced levels of your home, the option to stain unfinished wood to match your different taste, the charm and character of reclaimed timber, or the ease of prefinished wood, Floor Sanding Sussex

Thursday, 7 May 2020

The Beauty of Parquet Wood Flooring!

Are You Contemplating PARQUET FLOORING?

It's The Elegant Wood Floors For Home Or Business

Are you looking to create a beautiful/and or striking aura to your home or business? Well, one certain method of doing this would be to make use of parquet flooring, a unique hardwood flooring which could instantly transform your house or business's appearance.

Parquet flooring became popular in France in the 1600's as a replacement for marble flooring and has gone on to be a feature of houses and businesses ever since.

Parquet flooring is made by weaving blocks of wood like a mosaic. Each parquet flooring is an independently crafted masterpiece which can add style to any house.

In the past, parquet floorings were very artistic and artisan, however now, parquet layouts are more subtle, cheaper and, due to improvements in flooring creation, not as expensive than the older parquet designs. Today, the hottest parquet flooring layout is the herringbone design

Parquet flooring is created by weaving cubes of wood such as a mosaic. Every parquet flooring is an independently crafted masterpiece which would add style and tradition to any property.

Solid wood parquet floors, as its name suggests is parquet flooring made from solid pieces of wood. Engineered parquet flooring on the other hand Is Made of layers of Different Kinds of wood, topped by hardwood

With care, your parquet floor should keep its luster for 10 to 15 years, or longer. As time passes, however, even the most well-kept wood floor may start to seem a little dull, particularly in high-income areas.

For Additional Information Regarding refinishing parquet floors, please phone Floor Sanding Sussex : 01435 229 230

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Hardwood Flooring Or Carpets

The decision between hardwood flooring or carpets is an option which an increasing number of people are facing today. While carpeting is definitely a cozy alternative, there are many fantastic reasons for selecting hardwood flooring for your project.

In the last few years, modern improvements and renovation projects alike have been veering more toward hardwood floor than carpet due to the contemporary and stylish appearance it gives. What is more, from a practical perspective, the ease of cleaning and upkeep in addition to the flexibility offered by hardwood flooring adds some extra pull which may be required in that decision-making process.

Although weekly carpet cleaning may be performed efficiently and effectively using a normal vacuum cleaner, heavy cleaning of carpeting is a more comprehensive and expert job than comprehensive cleaning of hardwood floors. Deep cleanup of hardwood floors can be easily and efficiently carried out with a damp mop and an proper floor cleaner (if it is really needed).

From the hardwood flooring or carpet debate, hardwood floors is recognized as a particularly appealing solution for anybody suffering from dust related allergies, even as hardwood flooring do not hold dust particles such as carpeting does. This signifies is that allergy sufferers can reside at the reassurance they are not residing in an environment that can aggravate their problem.

Hardwood flooring are extremely popular with pet owners also . Anybody with pets will be aware of the benefits provided by hardwood flooring versus carpeting. Cat and cat hairs in addition to muddy spots and"little accidents" and fleas can be easily and efficiently vacuumed and mopped away with no long lingering traces or nasty, tell-tale smells or odours.

Thus, if you are somebody who likes to alter your inside frequently in addition to keeping forward with hygiene, then the selection between hardwood flooring and rug is a no-brainer for you. In the conclusion of the evening, using a rug, the sole option to modify the appearance of your flooring is to alter the carpeting, using a hardwood flooring, you are able to color it, stain it, distress age or it it, the options are enormous.

Finally, although in itself, not always a fantastic reason to select hardwood flooring over carpet, there are powerful indicators that by selecting hardwood floors for your house, you can see an increase in (at least) its saleability, and also many likely its worth.

Friday, 30 August 2019


French oak flooring is oak originating from France. This extremely sought after wood flooring kind is popular mainly due to the desirability that it owes to its standing. That is the main reason, because it's either actually better or quite distinctive from its equivalents originating in the US or Russia.

Oak trees are widely known because of their slow development, height and strength, regardless of which portion of the world they grow inside. They usually reach peaks exceeding 20 meters along with the pine tree has long been used as a sign of power and strength. There is a broad selection of different oak wood species growing worldwide, but oak may vary in terms of colour from pale colours, bordering on white, to dark browns.

Finish options

In the case of French oak floors, you may also select from one of finished and unfinished alternatives. At this point, it is worth discussing a few factors which impact the qualities of oak flooring, regardless of the country the tree has grown in. Then, there is also a question of how carefully the trees have been selected for their wood. To put it briefly, oak is the exact same all around the world. So, why French oak is so desired?

Oak origin

A lot of individuals, including specialists, try hard to point out differences between the goods of any of important western European manufacturers of oak flooring. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that other countries all around the world are not able to produce top-quality bamboo floors. Such countries as Russia, China, the US as well as the Far East are some of less popular bamboo manufacturers, but the grade of flooring generated by these isn't lower than that arising from the above-mentioned European countries.

Thursday, 28 June 2018


Decor preferences really can differ from householder into householder, though one look which many seem to achieve is just one that exudes elegance.

In spite of new decor trends appearing on a regular basis, elegant decor will never go out of vogue, and once it comes to elegant flooring, wooden flooring is unquestionably among the most tasteful types there is.

Coupled with the fact that the look of hardwood floors is a look which looks classically stylish, the ease of upkeep of this kind of flooring farther makes it a favorite choice. Keeping wooden floors looking the epitome of sophistication involves sweeping, polishing and wiping it on a regular basis, and these tasks shouldn't occupy more time than you'd spend vacuuming carpets.

There are many distinct kinds of hardwood floors now available which provide different types of elegance. Therefore, for instance, you can achieve sultry elegance with dark walnut floors, or vivid and gorgeous elegance with a bright ash fashion.

It's a good idea to employ an expert to include that professional elegant finish - particularly if you're not too confident of your DIY skills. Pros can complete the entire installation task at a very competitive price, so all you've got to do is sit back and relax in an elegant looking home.