Thursday, 7 May 2020

The Beauty of Parquet Wood Flooring!

Are You Contemplating PARQUET FLOORING?

It's The Elegant Wood Floors For Home Or Business

Are you looking to create a beautiful/and or striking aura to your home or business? Well, one certain method of doing this would be to make use of parquet flooring, a unique hardwood flooring which could instantly transform your house or business's appearance.

Parquet flooring became popular in France in the 1600's as a replacement for marble flooring and has gone on to be a feature of houses and businesses ever since.

Parquet flooring is made by weaving blocks of wood like a mosaic. Each parquet flooring is an independently crafted masterpiece which can add style to any house.

In the past, parquet floorings were very artistic and artisan, however now, parquet layouts are more subtle, cheaper and, due to improvements in flooring creation, not as expensive than the older parquet designs. Today, the hottest parquet flooring layout is the herringbone design

Parquet flooring is created by weaving cubes of wood such as a mosaic. Every parquet flooring is an independently crafted masterpiece which would add style and tradition to any property.

Solid wood parquet floors, as its name suggests is parquet flooring made from solid pieces of wood. Engineered parquet flooring on the other hand Is Made of layers of Different Kinds of wood, topped by hardwood

With care, your parquet floor should keep its luster for 10 to 15 years, or longer. As time passes, however, even the most well-kept wood floor may start to seem a little dull, particularly in high-income areas.

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